Being a Self-Employed Beautician

beauticianWorking in the beauty sector has been my dream since I was a little kid. That I can say today that my dream has come through makes me very happy. I hope your dreams have come true also. And if not, it’s not too late to still make them reality!

When I was a little kid I didn’t know that what you could learn in beauty school was so diverse. (more…)

Enjoying My Summer Vacation Abroad

tenerifeThis summer I have been very lucky. My summer trip for this year was to Europe and more particularly to Tenerife. For those who don’t know Tenerife is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, West of Africa. It’s part of the Canary Islands and is the biggest island of those. It is considered part of Spain, so they Speak spanish there of course. However they are used to having a lot of visitors on the island, so most of them can speak English.


Looking Good With A Wedding Dress

my dollToday I was cleaning out the attic at my parents house where I discovered one of the dolls I had as a kid. It was a wedding doll and it still looked fantastic. I remember that as a little girl I was dreaming of getting married with my prince charming. Meanwhile I’ve found him and we’re allready married since 2 years now.

When looking at this doll, I was wondering if I looked like like it on my wedding day. Maybe a stupid thought but one that kept me busy. I know that from I was a little kid I wanted to look as good as my doll on my wedding day and now when I finally was getting married I didn’t think about the doll anymore. (more…)